Hans "Filo" McCracken



Hans “Filo” McCracken

STR 10 0 pts
DEX 17 100 pts
INT 10 0 pts
HT 15 60 pts
Advantages Cost Disadvantages Cost
Combat Reflexes 15 pts Compulsive Carousing -5 pts
Danger Sense 15 pts Lecherous -15 pts
Handsome 15 pts Overconfidence -15 pts
On the Edge -15 pts
Quirks -5 pts
Mountain Climber
Protects the Weak
House Steiner Affiliation
Tells War Stories
Drinks Aged Scotch Whiskey
Skills Cost Attribute Skill
Martial Arts 40 pts DEX+19 36
Sex Appeal 20 pts HT+9 24
Acrobatics 10 pts DEX+4 21
Jumping 10 pts DEX+4 21
Climbing 10 pts DEX+4 21
Beam Weapon: Blaster 12 pts DEX+5 22
Swimming 2 pts DEX+0 17
Survival 2 pts INT+0 10
Dancing 1 pt DEX-1 16
Gunnery: Missile 1 pt DEX-1 16
Throwing 1 pt DEX-1 16
Stealth 1 pt DEX-1 16
Tracking 1 pt INT-1 9
Drive: Repulsorlift 1 pt DEX-1 16
Streetwise 1 pt INT-1 9
Guns: Tangler 1 pt DEX-1 16
Interrogation 1 pt INT-1 9
Weapons Cost Range Damage Ammo
Merr-Sonn LD-1 Sniper (+3 scope) 3,000 cr 500 5d 100
Merr-Sonn Repeater Z3 (+2 LS) 2,500 cr (+500 cr) 250 6d 100
Merr-Sonn Rotary Blaster Carbine 2,400 cr 300 5d+2 100
(2) Merr-Sonn Model 434 Pistols 850 cr @ 80 5d+1 100
Merr-Sonn Model Q4 300 cr 12 4d 10
Merr-Sonn Decksweeper 500 cr 10 6d stun 5
MM9 Wrist Rocket 2,500 cr 80 (120 AV) 5d speeder 1
E-11 Blaster Rifle (+2 scope) 1,000 cr 300 5d 100
Merr-Sonn Tangle Gun 7 300 cr 25 4d/Str-16 to break 15
Combat Knife 30 cr 10 3d+1
Clothing & Armor Cost Notes
Bodyglove 700 cr adds +1 survival or stamina rolls in harsh environments
Combat Jumpsuit 500 cr provides -1d physical, -2 energy protection
Iyra Gravity Belt 500 cr slows free-fall velocity to a gentle landing
Climbing Boot and Glove Set 80 cr enhances climbing by +2
Casual Clothes 75 cr includes a kilt, tinted goggles and winter coat
Breath Mask 50 cr provides one hour of breathable air
MicroThrust Clockwatcher 100 cr thermo, gravity, and atmosphere sensors
Equipment Cost Notes
Macrobinocular Scope 750 cr cancels 6 points of range penalty
SoroSuub Pak-It Gear Bag 50 cr holds Filo’s extra clothing and gear
Secure A3 Comlink 900 cr heroic encryption
Merr-Sonn Binder Cuffs 50 cr strength of 16 to hold individuals
Bottle of Aged Scotch Whiskey 25 cr House Steiner
20 meter Syntherope 5 cr FrictionGrip adds 4 to climb check
Glowrod 10 cr 50 meters
Sleeping Bag 15 cr good to 20°F / -7°C
Syntherope Dispensor 2 cr 6 meter rope adds 2 to climb check
Water Purifying Canteen 100 cr removes contamination
Plastic Canteen 5 cr holds one quart of water
(3) Gallon Water Jugs 1 cr @ holds one gallon of water
(21) Dehydrated Food Packs 2 cr @ one meal, does not include water
(427) Concentrated Ration Packs 5 cr @ one meal
Roll of Mesh Tape 5 cr strength-2 to break, 30 meters
(5) Medpacs 100 cr @ heals 2 pts on success/one use
Ammo & Grenades Cost Notes
(4) Blaster Packs 25 cr @
(4) Merr-Sonn K-26 AV Rockets 500 cr @
(4) Smoke Grenades 25 cr @ 3 meter radius
(3) Ion Grenades 200 cr @ 5d ionization
(6) Concussion Grenades 200 cr @ 5d
Transport/Vehicles Cost Altitude Speed Maneuver Notes
Arrow-23 Tramp Shuttle 10,800 cr 4 meters 400 kmh +4 ring mount
Documents & Permits Cost Notes
Datapad 25 cr mission notes & maps
Z3 Republic Military License 2,500 cr legal permit
MM9 Republic Military License 2,500 cr legal permit
Tangle Gun 7 Republic Permit 30 cr legal permit
(2) Model 434 Republic Permit 85 cr @ legal permit
Decksweeper Republic Permit 50 cr legal permit
Q4 Republic Permit 30 cr legal permit
LD-1 Republic Permit 300 cr legal permit
Rotary Blaster Carbine Republic Military License 2,400 cr legal permit
Money Amount
Republic Credits 25,418 cr
Imperial Credits 220 cr
Gold Coins (10 cr @) 250 cr


Filo comes from Arcturus V and likes to hang out in bars, get into fights, and share the company of beautiful women. His call sign FILO stands for first in last out. He is incredibly fit for being in his early fifties. He tends to reminisce about his thirty year military career as a Gebirgsjäger (light mountain infantry trooper) with the 1st Mountain Division (Wehrmacht) of House Steiner in the Lyran Commonwealth. He claims to have also served as a liaison with House Davion’s 45th Cerulean Mountain Regiment. Some might say he exaggerates his roles or outright brags up his abilities. He spends a large portion of his free time practicing martial arts. When he can, he loves to rock climb.

Filo prefers Merr-Sonn Munitions equipment, perhaps because they were an early supplier of weapons to the Machi Sector and House Steiner, or perhaps because of their reliable and efficient designs. He carries a pair of “Death-Hammer” pistols and a “Quickfire” hold-out as a backup. But for the real bad days, he has a decksweeper to deal with small crowds. Filo carries all his worldly possessions on his person and usually drifts between employment opportunities. The Wandering Rose might change his employment luck.


Mountain troops are infantry specially trained and equipped to fight in the thin atmosphere and dangerous terrain of mountain warfare. Among the most notable of these units are the 45th Cerulean Mountain Regiment of the 2nd Davion Guards. These troopers, equipped with re-breather masks and climbing equipment, provide the AFFS with the capability to fight at altitudes hazardous to conventional aircraft. Known as “Goat Men”, Mountaineers often achieve surprise by coming upon the enemy from a direction they previously thought safe.

Filo decided to see the Galaxy after he retired from military life. The Wandering Rose seemed like a perfect retirement opportunity, drifting from world to world. Filo volunteers to work as ship security for Ivan to pay his passage and prefers the twelve hour shifts. He even works extra shifts if needed and is on call at all times for emergencies via his encrypted A3 comlink. He would enjoy being Security Chief some day.