The Galaxy 

A couple generations have passed since Emperor Palpatine was killed over the Centari moon of Endor, but the war didn't end with the death of one man. The Empire lived on and the Rebellion continued. Eventually the Rebellion became The Republic, while a new Emperor took the throne of The Empire. Many battles happened, but in recent years the wars have cooled to a simmer and politics and intrigue are often used rather than warships to secure the loyalty of contested systems, not that battle has died out completely, there just isn't an open war going on.

The Machi Sector

The Machi Sector is essentially Earth and the surrounding systems about a thousand years in the future. Much of the sector is based on Battletech with a taste of Shadowrun thrown in. While the old nations are technically dead in many ways they live on. In this setting contact with The Old Republic happened some time in the past, but Machi Sector has been slow to transition to all the newest technology so ground cars, helicopters, and slug throwers are still common and speeders, droids, and blasters are considered to be restricted to the wealthy.

The Wandering Rose

While several possibilities came up and Matt hasn't made his character yet I think the campaign is leaning towards an expedition ship. The Wandering Rose is a repurposed Ithorian Herd ship, one of the older smaller ones. The owner Ivan invites people of various sorts to reside on The Wandering Rose and work passage, for those on a budget it's often a great deal since passage includes good meals and a private stateroom as well as access to the top of the line medical facilities and shops aboard. It doesn't pay, but in their free time the workers can make deals with each other or take leave to make some extra cash. 

The campaign will drop the characters to a new planet with the knowledge they have about a month before the captain gets bored and moves on to a new planet. Since most of the characters are mercenary types this gives them enough time to get a few decent jobs in then leave before too many enemies are on their tail. Life on the ship is essentially free (characters trade labor for food, living space, and basic utilities), but characters must cover their own expenses off the ship as well as maintenance of any gear they have (1% monthly for new gear, 2% for used).                                                                


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